Brooks - Be Selfish

Brooks: Be Selfish

 Brooks: Be Selfish

The “Be Selfish” campaign invites young runners to lean into the millennial stereotype and run completely selfishly with an in-app fitting, a pace trainer, and a unique way to run with friends by linking up on the app and running together, wherever.

Brooks Trainer App

FIND YOUR FIT: Treat yourself to the perfect fitting trainers with an at-home pronation test kit. Shop in app and online, no need to leave your home, or put pants on.

PACE TRAINER: Tell the Pace Trainer what specific race you’re running, and it maps an equivalent local route (both distance and terrain) to help you train.

RUN TOGETHER WHEREVER: You don’t need to drag yourself to whatever inconvenient place your friends want to run. Connect with them in the app, pick a start time and distance, and run wherever you want.


Together Wherever Marathon

Brooks will host the first ever 5k with no location to get to, no check in lines, no crowds: just a date and a start time. Participants connect to other runners all over the country using the Run Together Wherever feature. Runners will be mailed a marathon bib and medal so you can get that winning selfie.


AD: Cara Resnick, Tori Roy CW: Lauren Weiss