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Heinz - Your Main Squeeze

 Heinz: Your Main Squeeze


Ketchup has been on the side for far too long. Whether it’s nuggets, fries, hot dogs or burgers, ketchup has always been there to make our meals that much better. But it’s time we take this relationship to the next level. Our whole lives we’ve refused to use anything other than our beloved 57 red sauce.

Now, Heinz is no longer just a side. It's Your Main Squeeze.

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To show that Heinz is the main event, we’ll take all situations where you use Heinz and reimagine it with us as Your Main Squeeze.



During the lead up to NYC Restaurant Week, Heinz will launch the first restaurant that makes ketchup the main course. Get Heinz with miniature sides of burgers, fries, and all other foods you love dousing in ketchup.


Heinz Holster


People usually keep a photo of their beloveds in their wallets. Now, keep your main squeeze in there too so you never have to deal with crappy ketchup again.


Show us your love for Heinz by tagging @Heinz and #MyMainSqueeze with you and your new main. Winners will be flown out to New York and be the first to experience our restaurant. We’ll kick it off with sponsored posts from famous chup-heads like Ed Sheeran here.



Heinz will DM those that show the most love for their new main and send them a little something to make sure it never leaves their side.

AD: Cara Resnick CW: Joey Chiarulli